Sunday, March 15

Together. Companionship.

Together. Companionship.

Ordinary words right? We use them in our day to day life, but their significance is often lost to us. Power of these words is realized in that moment when we are unknowingly or knowingly, searching a shoulder to lean on, a nonjudgmental ear to hear us out and a living soul to walk side by. Every one of us experience this wonderful moment at least once in our lifetime.

I had my first with this moment, way long back in 2005, when I was doing my post-graduation in a different city, away from home. But before I start my narration, let me build up the setting for it. So we had this set of five-step stairs at our college entrance. My confused status always used to drag me towards these stairs where I used to just sit and indulge in mind wandering. First time staying away from home, new people, placements, worry about the future and job and yes, never-ending syllabus! All these took their toll and I was feeling over-whelmed.

span style="font-family: inherit;">As a routine, I went and sat at my sanctuary. Suddenly, I heard somebody remarking about programming class which has ended like half an hour ago. The remark was hilarious and identifiable at the same time. It stopped my mind wandering and made me notice this intruder. It was Arti. Friend of mine from the class. I was offered a share of veg patty and cup of tea, which like any hosteler, I took without any second thoughts. Though I must add here, that this was the first and the only time I was given a share from precious veg patty by Arti. Conversation was struck over veg patty and cup of tea, thoughts were exchanged, views were discussed, syllabus was cursed and out pour was patiently listened to. Thus these stairs became the place where my friend Arti turned into my best friend for life, and where many cups of tea were finished. Over the period of nine years, our friendship has seen almost every color. From the time when I slapped her for being stupid to the time when she snatched my phone and deleted all contacts to stop me from talking to an idiot crush. This friendship is a beautiful and most cherished part of busy life today. Specially, when we both have become super busy in our respective lives, have hectic IT jobs and have entered the domestic arena by getting married. Delhi Haat has replaced college stairs as we both belong to Delhi and came back here after completing studies. Fortunately, we both ended up getting jobs here in NCR.

So the topic of our conversations might change, setting might change, life might change but our tea cup remains the same and with that, our moment remains the same. The power of being #together.

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