Monday, March 23

Do you like Change?

For many of us, the answer would be a vehement No. This ‘us’ includes me as well. I am not a change averse person but in general I am happiest being my ‘Crocodile-Self’. 

(Crocodile-Self: Imagine a crocodile lying at a pond shore, happily enjoying the warmth of a beautiful sunny day for hours together, without entertaining a change as small as batting an eyelid)

Alas, for us crocodile-selves, harsh reality is that change is the only constant in life. While doing my graduation, I never thought that I’ll move out of city to pursue further studies. Somehow it was never in ‘Plan’. After all, there is no dearth of resources and opportunities in Delhi. But then again, change has a tendency to approach when you least expect it. 

So, after a series of flunked MBA entrances, a disastrous third round of interview for M.Sc. (IT), a newly discovered dis-interest in teaching profession and an accidental application on insistence of a very dear friend, I was suddenly shifting my life to Jaipur for doing masters in computer applications.  To my utter surprise and amazement, I enjoyed this change to the hilt. This was a huge change, impacting almost every aspect of my existence. Earlier I was staying at home under a protective shield of parents, now I was living in PG along with a happily-weird, unique and adorable roommate. Earlier I never used to bother about my monthly expenses, but now I was planning every penny judiciously. You get the picture right?

I discovered a sense of responsibility in doing routine tasks like buying groceries for whole week or planning household chores on weekends and not to mention, a new found freedom in living alone. In the course of time I developed my own views on differences between a busy metro like Delhi a laidback city like Jaipur. PG and hostel life was super fun. Every day brought something new. While criticizing the quality of PG/hostel food, bunking boring lectures, evading teachers on the way to college canteen and cursing course syllabus, semester after semester, I made some amazing friends for life. 

I managed to pass all my semesters with decent grades, thanks to my ever concerned, comparatively disciplined roomies and some luck. Landed myself a job with my dream company and started my next journey in another city, Bangalore as a professional. I stayed in Jaipur for two and a half years. Now, after almost ten years later, if I look back and get into an evaluating mode, I would say that this maiden journey really shaped me up as a person. I’ll fall short of adjectives and examples, if I start describing each aspect of this wonderful time of my life. So I’ll stop here and leave it to the experience itself to make you experience what I experienced! In easy words, I’ll command, every one of you my dear fellow crocodile-selves, to buck up yourself, fasten up your seatbelts and experience the roller coaster of a big change at least once in your lifetime.

This was my #StartANewLife story, hoping somebody somewhere would get inspired after reading it.  Do leave your comments below.

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