Wednesday, November 18

Simple hacks which will make your life a little easy!!

Simple hacks which will make your life a little easy!!

  1. When you are finished with a letter, copy & paste it into Google translate and listen to it. It’s the easiest way to find mistakes.
  2. Video Buffering on YouTube:  Press the UP arrow and it will start a game of snake.
  3. Don’t Dial: is an app that stops you from drunk dialing or texting. You can choose the amount of time, or let your (hopefully) sober friend pick a password.
  4. How to get Night Vision: Keep one eye closed in the well-lit area and then open it in darkness; the eye will be able to see in the dark. This is why pirates wore eye patches.
  5. Four words to get a free drink at a party “I have never been drunk”.
  6. To skip a YouTube ad, just change to YouTube skip in the URL of any video
  7. Accidentally texted the wrong person? Immediately put your phone on Airplane mode and once it fails to deliver, delete the message.
  8. If you want to sound sick when calling in to your work, lie on your back while hanging your head over the edge of the bed. You will sound congested.
  9. To make sure you leave the house on time in the morning, create a playlist as long as you have to get ready. When the last song plays you will hustle up like never before.
  10. Graduating college? Hold on to your college I.D. to get student discounts. Most places just look at the photo, not the graduating year.
  11. On, you can write a letter to future self, then choose when you want it to be emailed to you.
  12. On, you can put in whatever you have in your fridge and it will tell you everything you can make with them. 
Source: social media (Facebook/Twitter) and articles. 

Friday, October 23

The Key to Real Togetherness

Everybody has somebody or something that give them that 'feeling' of togetherness. The sense that these people will always have your back no matter what or these things will always be around to cheer you up at the far ends of the earth. 

Real togetherness for me is when you spend quality time together (not limited to be physically present) and are brave enough to be yourself completely. Real togetherness is not determined by the no of years you have spent together, more than quantity it is quality. Real togetherness can also be achieved using simple telephonic conversations, by meeting once in a month or once in a year for that matter.
It's not easy to come together, to stay together and more importantly to get back together again after a fight or miscommunication.  In this fast pace life, nobody has time for casual/agenda less meetings, people meet on some relative's marriages, exchange greetings and the cycle continues until the next marriage.

Our story of spending time together, crafted by our grandfather. 

We used to live in a joint family and frequent fights were very common, after observing that our Dadaji, the eldest of the family (who was also a retired teacher) devised a master plan with an idea of collaborating everybody in some activity. It was summers of 2010s when everybody was busy in their own world when Dadaji announced the plan for the next day. 
Everybody was asked to complete their daily work by noon. Everybody gathered by 12:00 sharp, dadaji took the center stage and announced “All of you have to make our family tree, branched out from my father, pics of whom are here. Include information & pics about our relatives, my father, mother and siblings.  I don’t think I need to help you with the pics apart my father & mother, because they aren’t on Facebook. Complete this task if you want to have lunch”. 

To our surprise we managed to finish the task in 2hrs. Everybody had a big smile on their face, realizing how big our family is; except from the kids who were astonished.   Our Dadaji came, saw, smiled, look at each one of us and asked us to come for lunch. We had a lavish lunch together which was ordered by Dadaji. Immediately after that, we were given seeds of different plants which we need to sow, give water and protect. We understood our next task, we took the seeds and planted them individually, every seed has individual’s name written on it, we were asked to protect and nourish it. 
In the evening everybody was given a responsibility of preparing individual dish for the dinner. Even now people are getting busier and busier we have and always will maintain this tradition. We have a promise to fulfill, a promise we made to our grandfather, a promise we will fulfill at any cost. 

A wise man once said “Lost time is never found again”.

Saturday, August 15

Magical Mintadian – The Pasta Adventure

It was one fine boring day in the office when I was doing my favorite time pass by browsing IndiBlogger website. I was reading here and there, indulging in random-thoughts-activation-thereby-killing-boredum on reading various posts when I came across the Indiblogger contest from Delmonte.

Now, not everyone knows that I have always loved pasta, to the extent that I have heroically blackmailed (read indulged in emotional appeals/shamelessly bribed) my wife to prepare the same for me many a times. It is another story that, that brave soul had been unflinching to these blackmailing attempts by her sheer willpower till our pasta adventure. I analyzed all pros and cons of participating in this contest judiciously, lazily while scratching my head. “This blog contest is a golden opportunity buddy” – This was the thought when I clicked on the harmless Register button after one and half hours of brainstorming. I completed registration and after two days my beloved wife received an attractive Del Monte pasta package. I made her read all about this contest. Lo and behold, IndiBlogger convinced her in 10 minutes; something in which I was unsuccessful since past 6 months! 

We selected a relatively free Sunday to carry out our joint pasta adventure. She instructed and I bought the ingredients. She arranged the artifacts and I clicked the pictures. She cooked, I assisted. She stirred the sauce and I smelled it to provide my expert comments. She took out the final cooking result in the bowl and I garnished it. (Random resultant thought: Cooking can be the best activity to know each other as a person)

We had invited my sister and her husband for the grand pasta tasting ceremony. Reception to our baby pasta dish was amazing; it was finished in few minutes flat contrary to our fear of creating something gastronomically unappealing. Their praise and our pasta’s endearing fragrance motivated me to submit our entry finally. Our recipe is given below, try it yourself. Hope you discover the magic of pasta!

Presenting you with ‘The Mintadian’: Fresh Mint Pasta – ‘Where Italian meets Indian’
How many lucky ones can enjoy this preparation: 4
How much time you need to devote: 45 minutes
Ingredients for Innovation:

Ugh What?? Come again..
How Much?
Any alternative?
Del Monte Pasta
100 Gms
Shimla Mirch or Capsico
2 Medium Sized
Pyaz or Cipolla
2 Medium Sized
Tamatar or Pomodori
6 Medium Sized
Tomato Ketchup – 100 ml
Green Chilies
Hari Mirch or Green chili
Green chili paste – 1 teaspoon
Adrak or Zenzero
2 Cloves
Ginger Paste – ½ teaspoon
Curry Leaves
Kari Patta or foglie di curry
10-15 leaves
Oregano – 1 teaspoon
Dry Mint Leaves
Pudina or foglie di menta
15-20 Leaves
Namak or Sale
2 teaspoon
Of course not!
Makhkhan or Burro

Olive oil
Carom Seeds
Ajwain/Carom Seeds
1 teaspoon
Dry herbs
Black pepper
Kali mirch/Pepe Nero
½ teaspoon
Lemon Juice
Neembu Juice or succo di limone

½ teaspoon
Come on, you must be joking if you are actually looking at this column!
Up to you! You may / may not add apple to your final preparation, I added it though.
Same thoughts as for ‘Apple’ column above :D
Up to you! You may / may not add apple to your final preparation; I ended up not adding it.

2 Dices
Up to you! You may / may not add cheese to your final preparation; I ended up not adding it.
Same thoughts as for ‘Apple’ column above :D
1 ½ Liters
Absolutely not!

Let's Begin!

Dummy’s guide to Greatness:

  • Take 1ltr of water in a pot and bring it to boil. Add 1 teaspoon salt and 1 dice of butter in it.
  • Add Del Monte’s pasta to above boiling water and cook it on high flame for 15 minutes, stirring continuously to avoid sticking of pasta.
Tip: Remove starchy foam occasionally from the top of the pan while the pasta is boiling.

  • Drain water from Pasta by using sieve and then grease it with butter to avoid stickiness. Keep it aside. Butter will add to the flavor of the pasta. 

  • Dice fresh tomatoes, capsicum, onion, green chilies and ginger 

  • Make a paste of capsicum and onion. Keep it aside.
  • Make a paste of tomatoes, green chilies, ginger, mint leaves and curry leaves. Keep it aside
  • Put 2 tablespoons of butter in a pan and heat it on low flame
  • Add carom seeds to it and stir it.
  • Add salt and freshly grounded black pepper to the sauce, once it starts boiling. Stir it for 2 more minutes.
  • Add cooked pasta to this sauce and take it out in a glass bowl.

  • Add a dash of lemon juice to this pasta along with a dollop of butter and garnish it with apple slices and/or pomegranate seeds. Your pasta is ready to be served!
PS: Not happy how it looks, but it was a yummy treat. A bowl of pasta was over in exactly 4:30 mins. 

Thank you Delmonte India for this wonderful contest. Shout out to 

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