Tuesday, November 11

Healthy Child is a Happy Child; leading to a Happy Home.

Chances are you may have kids running around the house and there may be days when you may think to yourself that if you are at home or a wild circus. But here's the thing, try to be at home when the kid is sick or not at home and you will miss that circus and the energy, i bet. This is what i called "the power of a healthy child".

I have a niece and when she is at home, she keeps everybody on their toes with her continuous mischief's and surprisingly i feel so content and happy amongst the chaos and clutter. The basic idea is keep the kids happy and they will make the home happier. As adults, we need to ensure the child is happy and healthy.

Full Disclosure: They are children they will make  mistakes, never forget that, rather try to be a living example rather than preaching, hug them more, converse with them on every topic, appreciate them on their achievement and make that 'connect'.  Yes, raising a child can be stressful but the idea is to enjoy the stress. Make the child a part of the home by letting her/him take part in the activities.

Having said that; "A healthy child is a happy child and a happy child is the biggest contributing factors to a happy home" so check and double check before buying furniture, cleaning agents, maintenance systems, drinking water and  other household material. Ensure the house has proper ventilation system and proper sunlight comes in the right amount.

These are all controllable factors, what if the child pick up bacteria while eating or drinking outside, for that the child should have strong immune system to fight these bacteria and viruses. I would suggest giving the  Ayurvedic Dabur Chyawanprash (https://www.liveveda.com/daburchyawanprash/) daily for a robust immune system. It also helps in fighting against seasonal illness and enhances learning power in children.

Apart from that, try to make the child familiar with fruits and vegetables and less with different varieties of junk food available in the market. Encourage them to take up sports professionally (not limited to cricket) and outdoor games in school.

Keep the focus on fun! You can make them do anything, cleaning as well, if you can make it fun and interesting. Organize a competition for best cleanliness for example and they will enjoy while doing the most boring work. Be a role model, don't just preach lead the way, take them along while going for a morning walk or cycling. Participate with them in their school co curricula activities and motivate them to participate as much as possible.

And remember, "Your happiness is a reflection of your health". ~ Anonymous.
Disclaimer: This post is written for Dabur Chyawanprash" A healthy child makes a healthy home campaign". 

Friday, August 1

Looking for a date, here's how to get one!

Every single out there is looking for a suitable date and the problem is, the person whom he/she is looking for a date is not asking. Sad isn't it, don't worry, if he/she is not asking then you take the initiative and ask, but you need to ask the right questions. Enough said; Let us start the convo now.

Hi, if you think your are smart please answer these simple questions for me:-
  1. What is the first name of the actor in 'Hitch'?
  2. What comes after alphabet 'T'?
  3. What is the opposite of 'stop'?
  4.  3 strikes and you are?
  5. To get the area of the rectangle you multiply length x ....?
  6. Complete the song "Do re ....."

  1. Will
  2. U
  3. Go
  4. Out
  5. With
  6. Me

Now please go and take a bath. It's a date. 

Sunday, March 23

Keeping it real, yet again

Dear Readers,

Last Friday, i got a wonderful opportunity to attend the exclusive screening of Mr. Anurag Basu's film "Sunsilk Real FM", despite the fact and knowing he himself won't be coming for the screening, i was still thrilled to attend as it was an 'exclusive' event for bloggers. Although i am not qualified enough to judge or review a movie, but as promised to my fellow bloggers, i will give it a try.

I am really fond of Mr. Basu, because i love the kind of  realistic movies he makes, which people can easily connect to and Sunsilk 97.5 Real FM is no exception. The name may also been chosen keeping that in mind i guess.

Here it goes:-

The film is about 3 friends who join hands to help one of the friend in need. Rhea, the protagonist, is the typical rich  girl who is well provided off, her father is the owner of a radio station and her brother is studying in London. Her world was shattered, when she realizes that her father had a heart attack and the radio station is on brink of closing down. After crying for few seconds, she stood up and decided to save the radio station. With that attitude, i think she has already won half the battle.

Her 2 friends, despite having no idea what to do agreed to help her facing challenges like their family approvals and the station technicalities. After initial set backs, came the epiphany "Why not play 28 songs of each state as a tribute on Independence day".  Universal fact - Music brings people together, and its the best way to reach out.

The film touches your heart with the concept of Unity in diversity. We may be 28, but we are still one -  "The united states of India". So the people of Manipur are as important to us as the people of  Maharashtra or any other state for that matter. The one line i loved the most was "Mumbai: yaha pura India basta hain".

The movie talks about women safety and middle class issues too where a simple middle class girl is forced to suppress her dreams because her father doesn't approve them.

The film also teaches us to be creative, rather imitating or impersonating others, to be yourself.

In the end you can achieve anything, if you have the confidence, right attitude and friends by your side. Moral : Bring it on 'life'. If life throws lemons at you, make lemonade from it and ask for watermelons next, obviously for a watermelon juice.

Few things missing in the ending:
Whom did Rhea chooses, her ex or the CA?
They never actually got any real investors?
How can you measure the success of the station based on 1 day of airtime?
Is smoking that one cigarette in office was the cause of the heart attack?

I think, what the director wants to say in the end is "Success doesn't matter, standing up to the challenge is".

Thank you Mr. Basu and Mr Khurana for keeping it real time and again. Keep making these kind of awesome movies.

Thumps up for Sunsilk Real FM.

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