Saturday, April 13

The growing pursuit of wealth

There was a young guy, who like any other inspiring blood had an intention to change the world, to help as many people as he could and to make people happy around him but unfortunately that has changed radically and now he is filled with a never ending desire of accumulating as much wealth as possible to fulfill his and his family growing needs. This in fact is an interesting anecdote valid for most of us and we can easily relate to it because we are now part of this culture of aggregating where everyone wants to rough shod over everybody to have more and more (refer story of 99 gold coins). This culture of “Ye dil maange more” is the reason behind this transition from “the pursuit of happiness” to “the pursuit of wealth”. Some may argue that wealth = happiness and they have their preset notion pretty much set so I won’t argue with that and them. 

Earlier, when a man used to come home, he would humbly tell everybody what act of random kindness (ARK) he has done today and inspire other too but now he just brags about his new luxury possession, how much more money he will make in next few months, his new role in office, his foreign trip in pipeline etc. Yes, we aspire to have more but at what cost, we see an accident in front of us and we don’t even bother to stop because we are worried about getting late to office which might result in our pay cut. Preposterous!! 

 It is quite clear that ‘Money is king’ today, no doubt money is important but the important question is how much? Yes, we are entitled to ensure well-being of our family but I don’t think it is just confined to earning money. That being said i am no guru in telling you what is right or wrong and you are better equipped to decide on that, I am just asking or would rather request to take a sabbatical, spend some time alone and search your own meaning of well-being, for you and for your family. 

Mantra: Just ask yourself everyday “what act of kindness you have done today? ” and you will enjoy a restful sleep and that means a lot! 

“There is no wealth but life”. ~ John Ruskin
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