Monday, August 5

My chilhood experience with a dreadful smell

I don’t think any house in India was completely isolated from the mouse menace in the 90’s. The time where mice were part our households, a member of the family kinds. With the problem came the solution i.e. Mouse traps and there was a rush to purchase the same. These traps were pretty effective in catching their prey but the big question was what to do after catching them. People use to travel miles and miles to throw them at the far off garbage disposal grounds, but unfortunately that didn’t help mainly because it was a viscous cycle where you will dispose them somewhere and other person too does the same, therefore the mice never lost their numbers they were just getting new homes.

After the debacle, Mortein came up with a fresh idea of poison cakes which can be kept at places where there is a possibility of the mouse. The mouse will eat them, that will choke their lungs and they will run outside for air and eventually die. Great idea, we just have to put the green cake and it will do the rest, but unfortunately it is not full proof, most of the times the rat dies at the hardest to reach corners of the house making life miserable.

This is my story of such incident where a rat died after the poison cake at the most unwanted location – The 'store', where we usually dump everything which is unwanted for now.

And then came the bomb; from where this horrible smell is coming? Mom said and eyes start rolling. Horrible smells are associated with a fart, smelly socks, to the extreme of who didn’t took bath today. After the blame game, teasing, literally checking and after counting out all these possibilities we start checking the room. Searching for these bad odors can be a frustrating task, but with mom’s perseverance everything is achievable.  It was making us crazy, thinking what the heck is stinking so bad and finally we found the dead body (mystery solved) and I was chosen for the rituals of cremating it off to the farthest location possible. 

My association with exotic smell is when mother bakes and cooks. The smell just drives you nuts, the temptation is irresistible and you just try your best to grab and stuffed it into your mouth.

How can I forget my other nostalgic associations with smell like the smell of wet mud after the enchanting rains when I would sit for hrs (inhaling as much as possible), gazing outside and penning down random stuff, the smell of a fresh new book, where I keep reading and flipping pages to get the fresh smell experience time and again and last but not the least the smell of a fresh paint which reminds me of my awesome childhood involvements. :)

This post is written for IndiBlogger, Ambipure Smiley Air to Smelly Air contest. 

Happy Breathing!!


    must be an awful stink ,

    honest writeup,
    all the best ,

    That’s me

  2. Thanks. Added you to my network. :)

  3. I am glad I have never smelled a dead rat AJ!
    Freshly baked cakes and the smell of wet mud are my favorite smells too :)


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