Wednesday, August 7

Libras are amazing lovers.

  • Because we never forget your birthdays.
  • Because we listen.
  • Because we become your dad when you travel alone.
  • Because we become your mom when you are sick.
  • Because we skip a beat when you get hurt. Sometimes beats.
  • Because we never skip a chance to flirt with you.
  • Because we can’t see you dancing with someone else.
  • Because we want to be your knight in shining armor.
  • Because we and no one else can handle you when you are mad.
  • Because we understand even if it’s not our fault.
  • Because we forgive even when it’s tough to forget.
  • Because we love holding hands.
  • Because we look in your eyes when you talk, and sometimes, at your lips.
  • Because we listen to the heart, even when the head makes more sense.
  • Because we surrender and sacrifice.
  • Because we keep you on top.
  • Because we put this unnecessary pressure on ourselves to please you.
  • Because we crack jokes, incessantly,  some really lame ones too.
  • Because we get tickled inside when we make you giggle.
  • Because we find you in our songs.
  • Because we don’t mind getting distracted when you call at work.
  • Because we find our happiness in you.
  • Because we love you, more than we love ourselves, and we are born self obsessed. 

How do i know so much, simple i am a Libran myself :)

This post is dedicated to you.


  1. I think the word that best describes this post is "cute"... and soooo cute!!! loved it!

  2. Thank You with a 'cute' smile :)


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