Saturday, December 29

Enough of Platitudes India

If you are looking for any inspiration from this post, i must tell you there isn't any here. So if you seriously looking for one, then just go and see your mom, sister, wife or daughter right now.

What i really wanted to do with this space was to share ideas on how to tackle the menace of sexual crimes against women. Like most of us i can also go on and on when it comes to criticizing and complaining the Government actions (sec 144, shutting down metro, faking sympathy) and in-actions (police reforms, law & order, governance paralysis). But that would be the easiest thing to do, having said that do you really think government is only to blame here, actually we all are partners in crime and it's high time we introspect. 

These following 5 points are essential is what i feel to completely eradicate this menace.
  1. Don't just start weeping, don't behave like a stubborn child, zip it and ACT consistently and not just when you get a wake up slap. Enough of Platitudes people, seriously enough.
  2. Name and shame the sex offenders, including the MP and MLA's by publishing their names on the national website and ridiculing them. FYI, around 650 MPs and MLAs have been charged for sexual crimes against women which is still pending with courts. This will also force the political parties to remove them.
  3. Stay United, so if you see a guy fighting with a eve -teaser alone consider him as your best friend/brother and join hands against crime and injustice.
  4. Police System really needs an overhaul and it is not limited to just by transferring/suspending, it also includes our Judiciary system, so if a girl gets justice in 15 yrs it isn't a justice actually, henceforth we need a sex offense bill, police reforms and fast track courts across India for such kind of cases.
  5. Social equality; if a girl is raped, she should not be treated as some second class citizen. Rather than blaming and disgracing her, the guy should be humiliated for his action. It would be a slow process in this male dominated society and we need to start from scratch, creating awareness. We really need to ask some hard questions this time.
Last and the least,  "Don't Betray her, Don't Forget". I sincerely hope her death will not go in vain and i am worried it will.

~ The Angry Indian.
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