Monday, October 29

What's in the Name? A lot Actually.

Tropical cyclone 'Sandy' threatening US, Sandy! yes you heard it right, ironically sounds more like an angry girlfriend than a natural disaster to me. But as Shakespeare had said "Whats' in a name".

But i disagree, what if we name a natural disaster like tsunami after our PM, Manmohan Singh  probably it won't do anything, Not that natural forces know the difference and will be effected, it's the perception that will change among the masses.

So, the Hurricance will make their share of necessary damage but naming it Sandy will help us in preparing it mentally and to eventually sustain it.

Open Letter:

Dear Sis,

Hope you are safe in US. If required i will send my personal hand made 'Ark' to you. BTW, what is the price of Kindle Fire HD in US (Height of Shamelessness).

Your loving, caring and 'selfless' brother. :)

For real time updates on hurricanes across the Globe check out this website- (There is a storm Cyclone Nilam presently hovering around Indian east coast too.)

Stay Safe !!

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