Monday, August 13

The Great Indian Weekened!

The Great Indian Weekened! Really, NO. I am a Dreamer !! 


Mumbaikars: There is nothing interesting on Television today, let's go and burn some buses.
Me: Why are you burning the buses? 

Mumbaikars: Some chinese have entered Mumbai. 
Me: Great, you have put the Bengalis to shame. 

"Mumbaikars Don't fret, atleast i am writing about you, there are few geographically isolated places i don't talk about (Assam)".

 I am an Escapist

Sunday:: Of Aug 12, should be renamed as Sushil kumar Shinday (oops Sunday). Great Punch, Give him one too. 

Me: We had a highest ever tally of medals, Yay!. 
Cynics: Yea, we have won 6 medals out of 1.2 billion people.
 Me: We won not because of our system but despite our system. 
Cynics: Whatever, we have 0 Gold, China has 38. 
Me: Yes, we had 2 Silver, 4 Bronze and 1 Bappi da so we still Win ...Boo Ya! 

I am an Optimist

Bottomline: I am a DORK!

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