Wednesday, August 22

I Apologize for my Existence !!

A soldier has a gun, A artist has a skill, A painter has a brush, A writer has a pen, I have a Keyboard. Obviously, that doesn't mean i can vent and spit out anything. I am a responsible citizen of this country, who is grief-stricken and heart-broken.

India facing Government Paralysis!!

Where our leaders say, what should be said (sometimes needless and weird), but without any need to deliver. Where media, the pillar of our democracy, rather than making sense, is more interested in making sensation. Where People (some of them),are keen and proactive in burning buses and creating chaos. Where People (rest of them) just don't care. Where the Intellectual types (including me) are busy tweeting, blogging and ranting stuff without the need to participate.

I know criticizing is the easiest thing to do and i have criticized almost everybody in my country. I know i don't have to a right to do so and like to apologize on that note.

I apologize if i have offended any of our politicians (Their Pets Included), as i want to avoid my mysterious disappearance to the extend that even my family won't be able to see my dead body.

I apologize if i have hurt the feelings of our Media (including India TV), as i am not a sensation of any kind, i am not Digvijay Singh.

I apologize to the people of this country for my existence.

"I just broke my personal record of no of days without dying today." Thank You !!

Monday, August 13

The Great Indian Weekened!

The Great Indian Weekened! Really, NO. I am a Dreamer !! 


Mumbaikars: There is nothing interesting on Television today, let's go and burn some buses.
Me: Why are you burning the buses? 

Mumbaikars: Some chinese have entered Mumbai. 
Me: Great, you have put the Bengalis to shame. 

"Mumbaikars Don't fret, atleast i am writing about you, there are few geographically isolated places i don't talk about (Assam)".

 I am an Escapist

Sunday:: Of Aug 12, should be renamed as Sushil kumar Shinday (oops Sunday). Great Punch, Give him one too. 

Me: We had a highest ever tally of medals, Yay!. 
Cynics: Yea, we have won 6 medals out of 1.2 billion people.
 Me: We won not because of our system but despite our system. 
Cynics: Whatever, we have 0 Gold, China has 38. 
Me: Yes, we had 2 Silver, 4 Bronze and 1 Bappi da so we still Win ...Boo Ya! 

I am an Optimist

Bottomline: I am a DORK!
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