Sunday, March 18

Stay Connected a whole lot easier

Traveling internationally often means leaving someone back home and having to deal with excessive international mobile roaming charges or high-priced calls when using hotel telephones.  We do understand when family is involved there shouldn't be any hesitation to pick up the phone at whatever cost. But with the options available at your disposal it can be a easy ride.

Global Phone - Enjoy the convenience of one phone, one number, and one bill. Plenty of companies offering a solution try goggling it.

Global Access - Take advantage of high-speed wireless Internet access and use a Global USB data card or select Mobile Broadband Built-In notebooks to connect to the network anywhere, anytime.

Global Email - With global devices like the BlackBerry® Storm,™ your employees can stay connected wherever business takes them.

Calling cards - Traditional but can be handy for a short and sweet talk.

Local Sim Cards - Purchase Local sim cards on your arrival to the destination country and float it as your Facebook status or using a tweet.

These options can provide you cost-saving service to enjoy voice and data communication around the world and stay connected anytime , anywhere!!

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