Saturday, January 29

Gmail Made Easy! - Gmail Tricks | Shorcuts

Gmail is hugely popular for personal emailing, i am sure we open our personal account at least once in a day henceforth i thought sharing some tricks & tips about using Gmail would be fun & valuable for the readers, So Enjoy!

Search shortcuts for Gmail: Type the query in the search box for the following results.

  • is:read                 for Read mails
  • is:unread             for Unread mails
  • is:starred             mails U have marked
  • is:chat                 Chat mails
  • is:label_name       label_name you can replace with other label name like personal 
  • in:inbox               search in Inbox
  • in:trash               Search in Recycle Bin of mails
  • in:spam               Search in Spam box
  • in:anywhere         use to search any where in your mail box

SNAPSHOT:- in:spam

So now finding something on Gmail is easy & fun.

Another tip: Gmail does not recognises dot (.) in your username for example your username is then you can login with Google Mail cannot recognize it, Funny though.

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