Sunday, December 12

Julian Assange - 21st Century Activist and Crusader of Truth

America's worst nightmare and the Robinhood of the online world is a 21st century activist who has shown the world , the truth behind the US Government's diplomacy by unleashing it's darker side to the world. 

US Government strong reaction to the secret diplomatic cables release by Wikileaks showcases its imperial arrogance and hypocrisy and contradicts its so called diplomatic principles. I believe the US leaders and politicians are smart enough to understand the already damaged reputation will worsen by their attempts to muzzle Wiki-leaks and Assange

US Government in the past have criticized and accused China  for obstructing the flow of information over internet but what have been rightly said that you may shout out loud about your principles but when it bothers you then there aren't any. "Operation Avenge Assange " has been launched from Dec 6, 7PM GMT onwards by the group of Assange supporters & Hacktivist.

The major beneficiaries of this leaks are the media industry which has not come out in support of Assange which is surprising, may be due to their Government's pressure. I would like to see the reaction of the President of US on the matter who has stayed away from making any comment on the leaks. Although Mr. Obama can speak on any issue in the world but it may interesting to know what he has to say about a controversy in his courtyard.

I personally like to congratulate Assange for his exceptional work towards creating  more transparent society, But honestly i don't think he is a Hero nor he is a Villain ; He is actually a 21st Century Journalist who hails from no state.

One thing which cannot be denied is the fact that this is a major breakthrough which has happened towards more liberal world.

Long Live the Revolution!!

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