Tuesday, November 9

Apple iPad Review : iBad for Consumers

Apple has a long history of imposing restrictions on its uses in the form of stating them as security measures to combat theft. Latest one under DRM (Digital Restrictions Management) prevents users from installing what they want or tinkering with their devices.

DRM will give Apple and its partners the power to disable features, block any competing products, censor news, and even delete books, videos, or news stories from user’s computers without any notification.

iPad is actually iBad as it has DRM all over it, with complete control on the user device. DRM (Digital Restrictions Management) is an access control technology to limit the usage of digital content and applications.

There are some DRM Removal software’s available in the market which are legally removing DRM restriction from I Pad & I Tunes.

In the current scenario, apple is trying to put restrictions on users is a big issue for all I-Pad users. I hope Mr. Jobs do something about it soon.


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