Tuesday, November 2

Global Climate Crisis - Deepening

The Global Climate Crisis is actually linked to Global Financial Crisis as we are always stimulated to achieve higher monetary value creation  at a level far beyond our assets or capital available. Although we may recover from Financial Crisis but we need to keep one thing in mind i.e. “Nature does not provide bailouts”.  

We need to understand that its an planetary emergency to cut the carbon emissions, raise ourselves to a higher level of consciousness and take a unified step in achieving our goal, without a deliberate and intensive effort from all nations the purpose won’t be solved. Our atmosphere can't tell the difference between emissions from a Chinese factory, the exhaust from a American SUV, or deforestation in Africa It may be interesting to know that some emissions in china are affecting temperatures in Europe and vice versa.

Religion is not about belief it’s more about behavior, same is the case with Optimism. So rather being optimistic that nothing will happen and terming it a paranoid fantasy we must act on it and make the earth a better place to live in. Mahatma Gandhi once said “Be the change you want to see in others”.

US is the highest emitter of the green house gases in the world & a non signatory of Kyoto needs to led the world in the race for human existence. Although the country is taking +ve steps in introducing EDA as a Global Climate Change Mitigation Incentive Fund which will strengthen the linkages between economic development and environmental quality a lot still needs to be done. 

There are plenty of concerns associated with Global Climate Crisis like Global Warming, Ozone depletion, Fresh Water Crisis, Dramatic rise in CO2 & more. For every expert that says humans are the cause of "climate change" there are 10 more who say we aren't. Hence the only way to solve this crisis is by taking a moral value and stand for it and remembering that every step counts, how small it may be.


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