Friday, September 24

Oktoberfest “The Beer Fest” – Get Ready to Raise the Toast

A fine beer may be judged with only one sip, but it's better to be thoroughly sure.” 

Oktoberfest is a 200 year old Beer Festival held in Munich, Germany. You may call it a controlled Mayhem where around a million people ingest huge quantities of Beer while singing & jumping on the benches. Apart from drinking Beer people can indulge in lot of other activities as well like there are Bavarian music and Dance, Food court, Merchants, Non-Profit groups, Arts & Crafts Vendor & more.

Oktoberfest 2010 is starting from Sep 17th to Oct 4th . This year the fest would be celebrating it's 200th anniversary hence the organizers have special in store for the visitors. Oktoberfest will be held on the Village Green and the Mansion lawn at 320 Kent Square Road, Gaithersburg, Maryland. It is also a event for traditional country fashion where the men traditionally wear lederhosen with suspenders and Bavarian farmer hats, while ladies dress in colorful dirndl dresses with matching aprons. Don’t worry about looking silly or out of place in your trachtenmode - you’ll fit right in with the locals. Although there is huge Beer flowing but still Oktoberfest is a Family event.


Once you will enter you see big tents filled with People & Beer ; it's like a Party in a Big Tent. You need to come a little early to get a table and also do carry some cash in order to give Tip to the girls giving you beer , If you don't tip them they won't come back so Tipping is Must. You may pay them on an average a Euro/Beer but if the girl is really beautiful or you wish to get a royal service throughout the day pay them 5 Euros on the first order itself. Raise your glass on when the band plays and says “Oans, zwoa, drei, Gsuffa!” meaning “One, Two , Three Drink!” . You must sing this song, and drink after each song. It’s the law.

There is a Free iPhone application known “ The Munich Guide” for Sights, Restaurants, Bars & Clubs where you will find the best location for every occasion! The application can be downloaded for Free at i Tunes Store.
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