Monday, August 30

Google Voice Launched , Skype Take a Deep Breath

Google's new internet telephone service would allow its Gmail users to call Landlines and Mobile phones from their email inbox , thereby putting Google in direct competition with Skype. It uses Gmail as an interface and optionally can integrate with Google Voice to receive calls as well.

Skype Vs GVoice
To attract new users calls to US/Canada would be free for the rest of the year initially. Calls to other countries will be as low as 2 cents per minute, and will not include a connection fee. Google is very smart at what they do. The question is will Google would able to wipe out Skype or not?

The Key features are when somebody calls on your mobile, your computer would rang as well. Google Voice also allows all voice messages to be turned into text which will then be sent either through an e-mail or an sms. Transcribe voice-mails and convert it into text and put it in your inbox so that it's searchable and you will always have a record of that voicemail.

Google pleasantly tweeted on Thursday announcing that 1 Million users called on the day of launched of the service. Google has huge resources but it's too early to celebrate the success; and also to take into account Skype users are tremendously Loyal. Lets see the Price War which is soon about to start would lead to something.....but whatever is the outcome the users gonna love their cheap calls.


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