Tuesday, August 10

Dec 2012 : Awaken, Empower, Ascend

Lots have been said & told about Mayan Prophecy which says Dec, 21, 2012 is the day when the earth changes to see it's end and that it happens every cycle of 26,556 years.

Let's say all of it is true , then what we do to tackle the situation,I know we cannot do anything to change it so what else, some would do things they always wanted to do, some would start worshiping god, some would start exploring things, etc. etc.. the point is, who is stopping you, to do it right now! , all of this because some prophecy has given a date for the end of this world i.e. preposterous. If you agree to the above statement then you have become a machine my friend working and reacting on a particular time and date. Don't worry this is the case with majority of us.

I personally think this whole 2012 story is a Marketing wash, I recommend not to fall for it and just see it as a transition where we might experience a change only for good. 2012 is just a date there is nothing to fear and worry about the so called “doomsday or mass exit” hypocrisy, these things are purposely created to develop fear among people ; then to cash on that fear factor. The businessman, so called religion gurus, have mastered that art and can do it with their eyes closed.

I recommend Live Life ; as you are Born Daily. When you woke up tomorrow thank god for an additional day in your life, do the things you always wanted to do complete them as you would be dead tomorrow , in the night party like you are dying tomorrow. I know this is an unusual case but if we try to implement 10% of it we would be an happy individual.

I know this story is out of context, but really want to add it ; if a single person is awaken by reading it I would feel blessed.

God Bless Us ALL!

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