Tuesday, July 20

Stay Connected while on Flight

Technology has made our lives easier and there is no limit what more technology can add in all sphere of our lives. Here comes another Revelation! now you can use your cell phones in the sky and stay connected while on the move.

Emirates is the first airline which has launched mobile phone usage in its planes while Qantas is exploring opportunities in the similar option.Traditionally we used to make calls built behind our airplane seats which costs us more than $10 plus a connection fee. Now the same call can be made between $1-2 /Min as International Roaming rates still apply, In case you think i have a World SIM , then my friend you have to be in this world (earth) to use it, at 3000 feet above the surface you  cannot expect more at this point of time.

U.S. carriers don't allow in-flight cell phone calls, although the Federal Aviation Administration is reviewing the safety concerns associated with mobile calls made in the air? Conducting a study looking at whether portable electronic devices like cell phones interfere with aircraft navigation systems or not.

Dying US Airline service needs a new add on service to survive and to attract new customers.I think airlines should partner with Telecom service provider to provide services on board. At this moment of time this feature actually doesn't have any any incentive for the Airlines.

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