Saturday, July 10

International Travel - Watch Out! for International Roaming

 Hello Travelers, Let me start from a quote from Thomas Fuller "Travel makes a wise man better, and a fool worse". Traveling is a best way to learn new things, keeping your mind always freshen up, to do things with full creativity.

International Roaming is a bomb which you carry with you in a form of a cell phone which will burst your wallet anytime you call using your present cell phone while Traveling abroad. Roaming is an extension of connectivity service when you go beyond the boundaries of US, Roaming means when you are not using your default carrier ; you are actually on a foreign one. Best way to save yourself from these stupendous charges is use an International SIM Card. Being a Traveler myself i want to make sure my colleagues are not slipped with huge money by the Service providers. As the world is converging the service carries should bring a cost effective plan for the international travelers. The only prerequisite of using a International SIM, is you need an Unlocked Cell Phone

Benefits of International SIM:-

  • Free Incoming (Calls + Text)
  • Low Call back Charges to US
  • Follow me Service
  • Outgoing calls same as Local outgoing rates.

Trick for Saving money on International Travel:-
Use skype for calling, put your cell phone in flight mode, In Flight mode your cell phone would stop communicating with the service provider; your cell phone signal would be dead. You won't receive or make calls and would not receive any Data too. Use airport Wifi or any other Wifi for browsing and stay connected using any social media platform like Facebook.                                                                                                        

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