Wednesday, April 28

MUST for every Traveler– International Cell Phones.

We feel overt when we are missing our cell phones derived from the fact the ubiquity of cell phones usage in US. Keeping in mind that your present cell phone is not compatible with global radio Freq the optimum option in this scenario is a rental cell phone for travelers.

By researching and understanding the problems faced by users I have come out with the most cost effective solution for Travelers, Students etc.

Present US Cell Phone:
Heavy Roaming Charges with your present US Carrier.
Comfort & Ease of calling from your cell

Calling Cards:
Alternate option; cheaper than present cell phone
Need to Remember the Pin; access code just like your ATM card.
Limitation of use; can be used from specific phones only.

International Cell Phones:
Cell with activated SIM, Can be rented for temporary use.
Ease of use with low call charges.
Lot of option available in the market today.

Please Note:Service providers have launched their Summer Offer '10 in which the consumer can get maximum discounts.

If you are planning to go for a Vacation this summer & want to stay connected with your family & friends then an International Cell Phone is all you need. International Cell Phones works similar to your Local cell phones &  help you save huge bucks while traveling to a particular country.

You may purchase your international or country specific Cell Phones online before your departure date & make your planned expedition a complete peace of mind experience.


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