Wednesday, April 28

Unlock a Locked Cell Phone

There are two cell phone technologies that are used by the majority of the world's mobile phone service providers : GSM and CDMA

If your Phone is GSM (Global System for Mobile communication); then it may be unlocked.
If CDMA (Code Division Multiple Access ) then it cannot be unlocked.

Reason being, GSM phone has a removable SIM Card which contain all your account settings & act as an interface between your phone and the service provider. In case of CDMA, there isn't any SIM card and the phone itself contains authentic information which makes it impossible to unlock.

If you live in North America, you can usually determine whether your phone is GSM or CDMA based on the service provider you use. T-Mobile and AT&T use GSM, while Verizon and Sprint use CDMA. In Europe, almost all phones are GSM.

Reasons for Unlocking your current cell phone:-

  • Freedom to switch between service providers.
  • If you are traveling to Europe or Asia. 

Unlocking your Cell Phone:-

  • Enter a numeric code into the phone by your service Provider.
  • Purchase cell phone unlock codes from third parties for a fee that ranges from $5 to about $25 depending upon your phone model.

Also Please Note: Unlocking a cell phone is Legal in USA.

The U.S. Copyright Office issues rulings every three years, and in 2006, they declared that unlocking a cell phone does not infringe on the copyright of the phone manufacturer or service provider, and therefore isn't prohibited.

Some Unlocked Global Phones: Purchase Online

MUST for every Traveler– International Cell Phones.

We feel overt when we are missing our cell phones derived from the fact the ubiquity of cell phones usage in US. Keeping in mind that your present cell phone is not compatible with global radio Freq the optimum option in this scenario is a rental cell phone for travelers.

By researching and understanding the problems faced by users I have come out with the most cost effective solution for Travelers, Students etc.

Present US Cell Phone:
Heavy Roaming Charges with your present US Carrier.
Comfort & Ease of calling from your cell

Calling Cards:
Alternate option; cheaper than present cell phone
Need to Remember the Pin; access code just like your ATM card.
Limitation of use; can be used from specific phones only.

International Cell Phones:
Cell with activated SIM, Can be rented for temporary use.
Ease of use with low call charges.
Lot of option available in the market today.

Please Note:Service providers have launched their Summer Offer '10 in which the consumer can get maximum discounts.

If you are planning to go for a Vacation this summer & want to stay connected with your family & friends then an International Cell Phone is all you need. International Cell Phones works similar to your Local cell phones &  help you save huge bucks while traveling to a particular country.

You may purchase your international or country specific Cell Phones online before your departure date & make your planned expedition a complete peace of mind experience.


Monday, April 26

VAFS – Volcanic Ash Fatigue Syndrome.

Travelers around the world are presently suffering from VAFS, where nature's mighty presence has paralyzed whole of Europe air travel. This is the worst aviation crisis since 9/11, where airlines are losing an average of $40 Million/day.

Test Flights by airlines in the ash cloud has given positive results, where flights doesn't encountered any problem. Test flights are used for creating safe windows for the passengers & provide an alternate route for the airlines.

This may be a wake up call for all those who still thinks spending $ 1 Million /day for global warming effort is a waste of money.

This stupendous Icelandic volcano has astounded us all!


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Travel Tips:Need To Know Before You Plan Your Trip

When looking for affordable travel, most travelers ignore the obvious steps they need to take in order to experience a trip that runs smoothly and is affordable.

Tip:1 Get yourself completely informed about the planned place of Travel.
When you are traveling to a place that you have never been to before, it is helpful to get as much information as you can about the destination through various resources for ex: Online catalogs, guides, travel agents, blogs, reviews & more. Doing the proper research will allow the adventurer to uncover the hidden gems and secret deals with the travel companies.

Tip:2 Stay Connected ; Choose the right phone service provider for International Travel.
When you are abroad, the only thing that comes in handy is your cell phone, when you want stay connected with your family & keep them informed or during an emergency.

Tip:3 Register so the State Department can better assist you in an emergency
Register your travel plans with the State Department through a free online service at will help the Government to contact you if there is a family emergency in the U.S. or if there is a crisis where you are traveling.
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