Sunday, December 12

Julian Assange - 21st Century Activist and Crusader of Truth

America's worst nightmare and the Robinhood of the online world is a 21st century activist who has shown the world , the truth behind the US Government's diplomacy by unleashing it's darker side to the world. 

US Government strong reaction to the secret diplomatic cables release by Wikileaks showcases its imperial arrogance and hypocrisy and contradicts its so called diplomatic principles. I believe the US leaders and politicians are smart enough to understand the already damaged reputation will worsen by their attempts to muzzle Wiki-leaks and Assange

US Government in the past have criticized and accused China  for obstructing the flow of information over internet but what have been rightly said that you may shout out loud about your principles but when it bothers you then there aren't any. "Operation Avenge Assange " has been launched from Dec 6, 7PM GMT onwards by the group of Assange supporters & Hacktivist.

The major beneficiaries of this leaks are the media industry which has not come out in support of Assange which is surprising, may be due to their Government's pressure. I would like to see the reaction of the President of US on the matter who has stayed away from making any comment on the leaks. Although Mr. Obama can speak on any issue in the world but it may interesting to know what he has to say about a controversy in his courtyard.

I personally like to congratulate Assange for his exceptional work towards creating  more transparent society, But honestly i don't think he is a Hero nor he is a Villain ; He is actually a 21st Century Journalist who hails from no state.

One thing which cannot be denied is the fact that this is a major breakthrough which has happened towards more liberal world.

Long Live the Revolution!!

Tuesday, November 9

Apple iPad Review : iBad for Consumers

Apple has a long history of imposing restrictions on its uses in the form of stating them as security measures to combat theft. Latest one under DRM (Digital Restrictions Management) prevents users from installing what they want or tinkering with their devices.

DRM will give Apple and its partners the power to disable features, block any competing products, censor news, and even delete books, videos, or news stories from user’s computers without any notification.

iPad is actually iBad as it has DRM all over it, with complete control on the user device. DRM (Digital Restrictions Management) is an access control technology to limit the usage of digital content and applications.

There are some DRM Removal software’s available in the market which are legally removing DRM restriction from I Pad & I Tunes.

In the current scenario, apple is trying to put restrictions on users is a big issue for all I-Pad users. I hope Mr. Jobs do something about it soon.

Tuesday, November 2

Global Climate Crisis - Deepening

The Global Climate Crisis is actually linked to Global Financial Crisis as we are always stimulated to achieve higher monetary value creation  at a level far beyond our assets or capital available. Although we may recover from Financial Crisis but we need to keep one thing in mind i.e. “Nature does not provide bailouts”.  

We need to understand that its an planetary emergency to cut the carbon emissions, raise ourselves to a higher level of consciousness and take a unified step in achieving our goal, without a deliberate and intensive effort from all nations the purpose won’t be solved. Our atmosphere can't tell the difference between emissions from a Chinese factory, the exhaust from a American SUV, or deforestation in Africa It may be interesting to know that some emissions in china are affecting temperatures in Europe and vice versa.

Religion is not about belief it’s more about behavior, same is the case with Optimism. So rather being optimistic that nothing will happen and terming it a paranoid fantasy we must act on it and make the earth a better place to live in. Mahatma Gandhi once said “Be the change you want to see in others”.

US is the highest emitter of the green house gases in the world & a non signatory of Kyoto needs to led the world in the race for human existence. Although the country is taking +ve steps in introducing EDA as a Global Climate Change Mitigation Incentive Fund which will strengthen the linkages between economic development and environmental quality a lot still needs to be done. 

There are plenty of concerns associated with Global Climate Crisis like Global Warming, Ozone depletion, Fresh Water Crisis, Dramatic rise in CO2 & more. For every expert that says humans are the cause of "climate change" there are 10 more who say we aren't. Hence the only way to solve this crisis is by taking a moral value and stand for it and remembering that every step counts, how small it may be.


Tuesday, October 19

Google Search : Tips, Tricks and Ideas

Google has made it possible to reach not just publicly available Internet resources, but also to some that should never have been revealed.

We are fortunate to be living  in the era of Internet + Google where information has been commoditized to great extend, now what we really need to do is just type a query in Google and most of the time you would get what you are looking for.

Table below shows some queries which can be useful in your search:-

Sample query
only results to sites within the given domain International will find all sites/Pages containing the word International, located within the domain
only results to documents whose title contains the given
intitle:Travel will find all sites with the word Travel in the title
only results to documents
whose title contains all the given keyword
allintitle:International Travel will find all sites with the words International
and Travel in the title, so it's equivalent to intitle:International intitle:Travel
only results to sites whose URL contains the given keyword
inurl:International Travel will find all sites containing the word Travel in the text and International in the URL
only results to sites whose URL contains all the given keyword
allinurl:International Travel will find all sites with the words International
and Travel in the URL, so it's equivalent to inurl:International inurl:Travel
filetype, ext
only results to documents of the given type
filetype:pdf Travel will return PDFs containing the word Travel, while filetype:xls International will return Excel spreadsheets with the word International
only results to documents containing a number from the given range
numrange:1-100 Travel will return sites containing a number from 1 to 100 and the word Travel. The same result can be achieved with 1..100 Travel
only results to sites containing links to the given location will return documents containing one or more links to
only results to sites containing links with the given keyword in their descriptions
inanchor:Travel will return documents with links whose description contains the word Travel (that's the actual link text, not the URL indicated by the link)
only results to documents containing the given keyword in the text, but not in the title, link descriptions or URLs
only results to documents containing
the given keyword in the text, but not in the title, link descriptions or URLs
specifies that a keyword should occur frequently in results
+Travel will order results by the number of occurrences of the word Travel
specifies that a keyword must not occur in results
-Travel will return documents that don't contain the word Travel
" "
delimiters for entire search keyword (not single words)
"International Travel" will return documents containing the keyword International Travel

My advice looking for something "Just Google it"

Friday, September 24

Oktoberfest “The Beer Fest” – Get Ready to Raise the Toast

A fine beer may be judged with only one sip, but it's better to be thoroughly sure.” 

Oktoberfest is a 200 year old Beer Festival held in Munich, Germany. You may call it a controlled Mayhem where around a million people ingest huge quantities of Beer while singing & jumping on the benches. Apart from drinking Beer people can indulge in lot of other activities as well like there are Bavarian music and Dance, Food court, Merchants, Non-Profit groups, Arts & Crafts Vendor & more.

Oktoberfest 2010 is starting from Sep 17th to Oct 4th . This year the fest would be celebrating it's 200th anniversary hence the organizers have special in store for the visitors. Oktoberfest will be held on the Village Green and the Mansion lawn at 320 Kent Square Road, Gaithersburg, Maryland. It is also a event for traditional country fashion where the men traditionally wear lederhosen with suspenders and Bavarian farmer hats, while ladies dress in colorful dirndl dresses with matching aprons. Don’t worry about looking silly or out of place in your trachtenmode - you’ll fit right in with the locals. Although there is huge Beer flowing but still Oktoberfest is a Family event.


Once you will enter you see big tents filled with People & Beer ; it's like a Party in a Big Tent. You need to come a little early to get a table and also do carry some cash in order to give Tip to the girls giving you beer , If you don't tip them they won't come back so Tipping is Must. You may pay them on an average a Euro/Beer but if the girl is really beautiful or you wish to get a royal service throughout the day pay them 5 Euros on the first order itself. Raise your glass on when the band plays and says “Oans, zwoa, drei, Gsuffa!” meaning “One, Two , Three Drink!” . You must sing this song, and drink after each song. It’s the law.

There is a Free iPhone application known “ The Munich Guide” for Sights, Restaurants, Bars & Clubs where you will find the best location for every occasion! The application can be downloaded for Free at i Tunes Store.

Monday, August 30

Google Voice Launched , Skype Take a Deep Breath

Google's new internet telephone service would allow its Gmail users to call Landlines and Mobile phones from their email inbox , thereby putting Google in direct competition with Skype. It uses Gmail as an interface and optionally can integrate with Google Voice to receive calls as well.

Skype Vs GVoice
To attract new users calls to US/Canada would be free for the rest of the year initially. Calls to other countries will be as low as 2 cents per minute, and will not include a connection fee. Google is very smart at what they do. The question is will Google would able to wipe out Skype or not?

The Key features are when somebody calls on your mobile, your computer would rang as well. Google Voice also allows all voice messages to be turned into text which will then be sent either through an e-mail or an sms. Transcribe voice-mails and convert it into text and put it in your inbox so that it's searchable and you will always have a record of that voicemail.

Google pleasantly tweeted on Thursday announcing that 1 Million users called on the day of launched of the service. Google has huge resources but it's too early to celebrate the success; and also to take into account Skype users are tremendously Loyal. Lets see the Price War which is soon about to start would lead to something.....but whatever is the outcome the users gonna love their cheap calls.


Tuesday, August 10

Dec 2012 : Awaken, Empower, Ascend

Lots have been said & told about Mayan Prophecy which says Dec, 21, 2012 is the day when the earth changes to see it's end and that it happens every cycle of 26,556 years.

Let's say all of it is true , then what we do to tackle the situation,I know we cannot do anything to change it so what else, some would do things they always wanted to do, some would start worshiping god, some would start exploring things, etc. etc.. the point is, who is stopping you, to do it right now! , all of this because some prophecy has given a date for the end of this world i.e. preposterous. If you agree to the above statement then you have become a machine my friend working and reacting on a particular time and date. Don't worry this is the case with majority of us.

I personally think this whole 2012 story is a Marketing wash, I recommend not to fall for it and just see it as a transition where we might experience a change only for good. 2012 is just a date there is nothing to fear and worry about the so called “doomsday or mass exit” hypocrisy, these things are purposely created to develop fear among people ; then to cash on that fear factor. The businessman, so called religion gurus, have mastered that art and can do it with their eyes closed.

I recommend Live Life ; as you are Born Daily. When you woke up tomorrow thank god for an additional day in your life, do the things you always wanted to do complete them as you would be dead tomorrow , in the night party like you are dying tomorrow. I know this is an unusual case but if we try to implement 10% of it we would be an happy individual.

I know this story is out of context, but really want to add it ; if a single person is awaken by reading it I would feel blessed.

God Bless Us ALL!

Tuesday, July 20

Stay Connected while on Flight

Technology has made our lives easier and there is no limit what more technology can add in all sphere of our lives. Here comes another Revelation! now you can use your cell phones in the sky and stay connected while on the move.

Emirates is the first airline which has launched mobile phone usage in its planes while Qantas is exploring opportunities in the similar option.Traditionally we used to make calls built behind our airplane seats which costs us more than $10 plus a connection fee. Now the same call can be made between $1-2 /Min as International Roaming rates still apply, In case you think i have a World SIM , then my friend you have to be in this world (earth) to use it, at 3000 feet above the surface you  cannot expect more at this point of time.

U.S. carriers don't allow in-flight cell phone calls, although the Federal Aviation Administration is reviewing the safety concerns associated with mobile calls made in the air? Conducting a study looking at whether portable electronic devices like cell phones interfere with aircraft navigation systems or not.

Dying US Airline service needs a new add on service to survive and to attract new customers.I think airlines should partner with Telecom service provider to provide services on board. At this moment of time this feature actually doesn't have any any incentive for the Airlines.

All Sites Directory - Get URLs at the free All Sites Directory for a new link exchange.


Tuesday, July 13

Apple iPhone4 - Reception Issues

Apple iPhone 4, the much hyped phone of the decade is under criticism from consumer reports for it's reception glitches.The market but has been plagued by complaints of poor reception which sold 1.7 Million units in 3 Days after launch.

When your finger or hand touches a spot on the phone's lower left side , the signal can significantly degrade enough to cause you to lose your connection. Although iPhone 4 scored high on other testing grounds such as battery life, sharp display and high-quality video camera.

The Signal issue only happens when you hold the phone a certain way and if you put a case on it, you won't have any problems. This is an hardware issues so Apple can't fix them, till they come out with the next generation iPhone.

The second minor issue is of yellow spots,(Shown in a red circle) is a temporary issue which i think would fade away when you use it.

Fix:- just get any pair of gloves, latex, cotton/acrolyic/wool and keep in handy with you. When you need to make a call ,put them on, the phone will work with no dropped calls.

Saturday, July 10

International Travel - Watch Out! for International Roaming

 Hello Travelers, Let me start from a quote from Thomas Fuller "Travel makes a wise man better, and a fool worse". Traveling is a best way to learn new things, keeping your mind always freshen up, to do things with full creativity.

International Roaming is a bomb which you carry with you in a form of a cell phone which will burst your wallet anytime you call using your present cell phone while Traveling abroad. Roaming is an extension of connectivity service when you go beyond the boundaries of US, Roaming means when you are not using your default carrier ; you are actually on a foreign one. Best way to save yourself from these stupendous charges is use an International SIM Card. Being a Traveler myself i want to make sure my colleagues are not slipped with huge money by the Service providers. As the world is converging the service carries should bring a cost effective plan for the international travelers. The only prerequisite of using a International SIM, is you need an Unlocked Cell Phone

Benefits of International SIM:-

  • Free Incoming (Calls + Text)
  • Low Call back Charges to US
  • Follow me Service
  • Outgoing calls same as Local outgoing rates.

Trick for Saving money on International Travel:-
Use skype for calling, put your cell phone in flight mode, In Flight mode your cell phone would stop communicating with the service provider; your cell phone signal would be dead. You won't receive or make calls and would not receive any Data too. Use airport Wifi or any other Wifi for browsing and stay connected using any social media platform like Facebook.                                                                                                        

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